[AIP-21] Adjusting bad debt repayment scheme from the stkBNB de-peg event

Hey Gianni,

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you that the runoff voting format was not previously communicated. Also, based on my search, there doesn’t seem a be a “default” method. In major elections, runoff voting are not always used - i.e., in a multi-candidate race, the winner just need to have the highest vote# and can be less than 50%.

Based on the above, we will cancel the runoff voting and the original result of the AIP21.2 vote will be considered final.

That is, the bad debt repayment will stopped, and hence the AIP-21 is now final.

We will clarify the voting format for future proposals together with the quorum discussion. [For Discussion] Implementing Quorum in future votings

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