[For Discussion] Implementing shielded voting for future Governance votes


Snapshot has a privacy voting system called “Shielded voting” in which the voters choices are private during the voting period and get revealed when the proposal closes.

For more info, please refer to this article: Shielded voting is live! — Snapshot Labs


Shielded voting should make the voting process more fair by

  • Prevents the voting process itself from influencing the vote results
  • Encourage voter participations and prevent people from thinking it is pointless or useless to vote given the current live results


If this discussion gets support from the community, we will put it through an AIP process for voting. If passed, all future Governance votes will be shielded.


This is a great feature. I’m all for it.

Another good reason to do this is because snapshot allows you to change vote anytime.
Imagine a whale changing his mind (and vote) but not finding support because people gave up and didn’t vote at all.

I think it’s good idea. p :smiley:

Are u referring to those who voted for the stkBNB repayment :joy::joy::joy:

I think this is great

This discussion has been made into an AIP. Any additional comments can be made in the new thread here: [AIP-19] Implement Shielded Voting

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