[For Discussion] Potential adjustment to ALPACA tokenomics to support upcoming (Perp, AF2.0) and future product launches

I agree that most of what you said is valid, but there is something you have to understand.

Most companies have the ability to issue stock to raise funds for new products or growth. At the end of the day, if most shareholders agree issuing for growth will be a net positive to the bottom line, they approve it. This is a reasonable and common approach.

The alternative is also reasonable, and one might have different reasons to vote no to growth, but without those funds, you should expect less growth, lower chance of success of new products, fewer new products, less R&D. The reality is people need to eat, you can’t feed blockchain developers with hope :joy:, and you can’t incentivize new users to beat incumbents without incentives. It’s like what was written in option 4, maybe it will work without incentives. The only thing we can be sure of is the chance will be lower. How much lower is detabal,e and that’s one of the questions that should influence which way to vote