[For Discussion] Potential adjustment to ALPACA tokenomics to support upcoming (Perp, AF2.0) and future product launches

10% War chest: What is that needed for? The warchest still holds a decent amount of tokens and it would be hard to sell without causing a major price impact. If it’s not needed now then we might as well exclude it for now and raise money once it’s needed.

Current Warchest was for 4 years. New Warchest would take into account new upcoming products and future products, and extend the runway to 10 years.

The way Warchest works is the Warchest tokens are not minted until needed, so it already functions in the form of only raising money when needed.

9% Dev fund tokens: When would those be sold and what would the money be used for? Are you looking to hire more staff? Consider that the platform revenue would already go up from perp revenue especially if there are incentives from new emissions.

It would primarily be used on staff expenses. The tokens would be paid to staff, some sell them, some hold them.

If you look around, most companies are going out of business and/or firing substantial amounts of people. That’s the reality of the market. It’s already good that Alpaca is one of the few companies that can continue operating in the green in this market, but “well” is relative. Our reality is the current funds can cover staff expenses, but that’s only when myself and other core members have been working this year almost for free or even at a loss in opportunity cost, let alone hiring new staff for new products.

So the dev fund portion can make the difference between having some marketing/BD people to grow the products or not, or more devs to develop faster. While it’s true revenues can increase, more revenues also come with more work and more resulting expenses (more customers to support, more tech maintenance, security, and operational oversight, etc)

(Btw, for anyone who wants to FUD from any interpration of the above, Alpaca’s revenues are verifiable on-chain. I’m telling you we don’t need additional funding to run Alpaca, but it will be stretched if we’re talking about investing in growing new product lines and trying to attract new users. That’s the whole point of this proposal. Don’t expect NEW PRODUCTS to grow like magical beanstalks if, as ALPACA holders, you aren’t willing to make NEW INVESTMENTS in the magic beans. You can say let’s leave it up to the rain, no farmers, no fertilizer, and that’s fine. We think it will grow much better with more support, but in such a case, we’ll sill do the best with what we have.)

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