AUSD naming and CMC listing

Current market is very sensitive to stablecoins stability and regulatory developments and yet

  • we have Alpaca stablecoin sharing the same name with Acala stable
  • we advertise AUSD on CMC based on PCS low liquidity pair

Acala AUSD is having a bad time because of a still unkown issue on the LP of their protocol.

On CoinMarketCap Alpaca AUSD is giving a very BAD first look being based on PancakeSwap low liquidity + AcalaSwap AUSD/INTR.

This is creating confusion of all sorts.
I would open a discussion for

  1. rename AUSD (probably not possible anymore at this stage?)
  2. delist AUSD from CDC until the information displayed can be considered beneficial to the token. PCS low liquidity does not seem optimal.
    Alpaca AUSD currently sits at $0.01188 -98.80% due to the AUSD/INTR mapping from acala.
    Again the naming creates confusions of all sorts

Not sure what is the value proposition and quality checks in place for having AUSD being listed on CMC this way

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“we advertise AUSD on CMC based on PCS low liquidity pair”

This is a problem with Ellipsis. We brought up to them long ago that they need to get their pools connected to directories like CG and CMC, which is BD 101, but they haven’t done it.

We can contact CMC to remove the AUSD/INTR pair because that’s for a different token.

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