Beefy`s binSpirit Bribe Proposal

As discussed already at alpaca discord. Here is the summary.

Since alpaca is now at $FTM, why not take advantage of bribes using $binSpirit by beefy on ALPACA-WFTM LP gauge

$binSpirit is wrapped version of $inSpirit and holds 7% of total voting power of spiritswap. U get more votes of $inSpirit overall via $binSpirit.


  • will help Increase Liquidty on spiritswap
  • Boosted weekly APR for ALPACA-WFTM LP for alpacaians
  • more inSpirit votes for less money via binSpirit

For binSpirit bribes:
Contact beefy s discord channel , CowMoonity → binSpirit-Voting-Discussion
please drop message there.

Because we’re not listed on SpiritSwap. We’re listed on SpookySwap, and there is not much meaning in a 2nd ALPACA pool on Fantom atm.