Can perpetual swap release this year?

in updated roadmap

Q4 2022
“Launch new Alpaca Perpetual Swap product”
can this be released this year((2022)?
in below page
“We are currently in the process of scoping the product requirements and features”

Not sure if this new product can be designed, developed, tested,audited,released in less than 3 months?
It seems “perpetual swap” is a promising product.

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It’s very possible but can’t guarantee 100%.

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when we can get some more details regarding “perpetual swap”

This is the latest update: State of the Farm — September 2022: Roadmap Update and New Product Announcement! | by Huacayachief | Alpaca Finance | Sep, 2022 | Medium

The team is designing the product. We’ll release more info when it’s ready.