Create BUSD pool for Perpetual

With Binance auto-converting client’s USDC to BUSD, and Alpaca being on Binance’s ecosystem, it would be advantageous for the new perpetual product of the protocol to support BUSD. I would suggest on adding BUSD as one of the supported USDx currencies, after the beta phase launch

You know that BUSD has been practically discontinued since the US financial authorities (SEC, NYDFS) have ordered Paxos to stop issuing new BUSD tokens? BUSD can still be redeemed through Paxos for about a year, and billions of BUSD have already been returned by cautious investors so that BUSD liquidity in various DeFi protocols is dwindling. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense in the current situation to add BUSD to the Alperp liquidity pool in my opinion, it might even put ALP investors at risk, given its (un)certain future and decreasing liquidity on-chain. We may like it or not, the fate of BUSD seems to be decided.
(I trusted and liked BUSD, too, but here we are.)

BTW: Binance is no longer auto-converting USDC to BUSD because of the recent USDC de-peg event, which was the only reasonable thing for Binance to do.