daily profit statement

after a thorough check I realized that I don’t know exactly how much money will be used to buy alpaca weekly, everything is summed up by the team… I feel this is not transparent enough.

I think the team should decide to make the platform profits public in the near future so that everything becomes more transparent
similar to geist finance

It’s not “summed up by the team.” All of the information is on-chain and verifiable.

Let’s look at the Geist UI you just shared. Does it show how they compute the earnings there? No. So transparent is the wrong word. Otherwise, please clearly show how it is more transparent.

The only difference between the Geist’s UI that you shared and what we share is we do it weekly and they do it daily. Does it really need to be daily? I don’t think so.

The profits are already public: https://twitter.com/AlpacaFinance/status/1481284049821962243