Download (historical) data of LYF positions

Good morning all!

Is it possible that the team let us download all data regarding our LYF positions, including historical data?

Today, if I want to keep track of things like the increase of LP tokens per day, debt ratio variation over time, and a lot of other things, I need to do it in a very manual way.

My idea was to get the data and build a dashboard of my own on a third party software like Power BI, QlikSense or even on Python. So, for this to happen, the team could simply put an option for download all data that they have about our positions, including historical data.

It could also be done if they build an API so we can get the data from it, which would be an even better solution, because we can automatically download data updates.

The possibilities of data analysis would be endless with such rich data, and would help us understand better what is happening with our LYF, which should lead us to knowing a lot more about how the protocol is working.

Besides that, it should be very important for tax implications too.

I think the cost of implementation might be low and the benefits would be huge. Any thoughts?

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The data is available on chain also you can probably use The Graph to get historical data.