[For Discussion] Limit price to open/close LYF positions

That probably have been discussed in the team already, but would it be feasible to have an option to allow opening and closing LYF positions at a predetermined asset price?

If I understood correctly, this is like a conditional order. There is no reasonable way for us to implement this because we don’t have access to your wallet assets. By having access to your wallet assets, it would be like a trading terminal.

Isn’t PancakeSwap implementing this already?

The way PCS does with the Limit Orders is that we deposit the tokens and the protocol executes on the chosen level of parity. May be that case @Fam is referring to, so Alpaca will take the deposit we would like to farm with but enter the position only when specific market condition is met (oracles wise).


Limit orders on DEXs are also a feature of trading terminals. It is a type of conditional order. PancakeSwap implemented it because it’s something that can add a lot of value to a DEX as a core use case. For LYF, not a lot of value-added.