Grazing farms and alpaca autocompound

Hi guys ,
i was thinking ,

As you know , some yields in governance vault are from grazing farms

Here is the problem , usually for small investors , the yields are many scattered parts from multiple grazing farms that makes utilizing them not practical because of gas fees

I propose we make a mechanism that gives us a choice of withdrawing it or transforming it into lovely alpacas that auto compound

Also a mechanism for autocompounding yields of alpacas in the governance vault would be great
Thnx for u all


The reason why partners provide tokens for grazing ranges is to promote their project and attract new users, so making it easier for users to sell their tokens might discourage them from applying for a GR pool


While I also agree that converting the grazing tokens directly to ALPACA could discourage new users like @lyria, an option to convert the tokens to ALPACA on claiming like when farming would be very convenient.

Although that would not solve the problem of the fees I think.

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Yeah my thoughts are the same. This would’t solve a problem of the fees :frowning:

Actually nobody can solve problems like this for now. So maybe just ignore it if you only have a little amount of ALPACA.