Higher "Farming yield"(only leveraged positions) revene to buyback

Protocol Revenue Analysis - Google Sheets

89 M supply side revene, but only 2.89M goes to buyback. so it is 3.2% of total supply side revene. is it too low? I think 8% (only for leveraged positions) is
because for total supply side it is only a small drop (97% drop to 92%), but for buyback it is a huge jump (3.2% to 8%, 2.5 higher).

furthermore, after “double sided borrow” implementation, customer can earn much higher APY wihout liqutation risk, so a small percentage deduction from total supply side revene is absolutely acceptable.

any comments on this?


I completely agree, especially since the current price of alpaca is really low and the defi market is in a bearish phase, you can buy back and burn a large number of tokens now, which will positively affect the price growth and its popularization in the future.

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so it is possible launch a vote for this topic?

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Only proposals that get significant support can become AIPs and get voted on.