Pair specific borrowing discounts

In short: Introduce a new protocol parameter “Borrowing discounts”.

How it will work
With this new parameter xAlpaca holders can decide through voting a borrowing discount on specific farming pairs. The discount is capped at 30% and should only be applicable to one farming pair at the time.

Example: Normally the cost for lending BNB is 50% but with the discount (at 30%) it will cost only 35% (70% of 50%). Not 20% (50% minus 30%) because this way it’s possible to get negative borrowing interest :laughing:

The voting for this discounted pair is done semi-monthly using snapshot.

Alpaca’s stake
This will allow partners or whales to bribe to get the discount on their favourite farming pair.
Bribes will give Alpaca’s holders an extra source of income and farmers the chance to get even higher yields.

Love to hear what you think about this idea, let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Danny,

Thanks for the suggestion. We had this discussion before internally. However, with the current smart contract structure, we are not able to have differentiated borrowing rate specific to pools.

To support this would require re-writing of all of our lending vault contracts from scratches which will be multi-months effort. That’s why we have deprioritized it.