Plan how to handle future bad debt

Currently bad debt is being repaid on the BNB pool for a long period during months.

The intent is to repay investors who lost BNB in lending during the hack.

I see one issue being the governance funds are not paying who lost funds but ALL lenders providing liquidity from the moment the AIP has been passed.
Some investor who lost funds might not be in the pool, some new lender might benefit for a loss they didn’t have.

The proposal is to create a process bad debt handling in order to repay only affected wallets in the pool at the moment of the hack.

I’m not sure if it’s possible but a ibBNB holders snapshot could be taken at a certain time after the hack and the transactions delta from the hack time till the snapshot could be used to have a clear understanding of the holders at that time.
The insurance could be then distributed over time to those wallets which could then claim with ad hoc interface