Provide Protocol Revenue Data to TokenTerminal (and other token screeners)

TokenTerminal is a fundamental based token screening platform, focusing on metrics like P/E, Protocol Revenue etc.

Alpaca Finance as a strong cashflow protocol with annual earnings of >20% of current MCap (P/E <5), is being under appreciated in my opinion.

Similar to getting governance news on Messari, I would like to suggest the team to get in touch with TokenTerminal’s Team and assist them to retrieve an accurate protocol revenue & sales metrics. With great metrics Alpaca will be on the top of the screener’s list, and could be organically discovered by more investors, driving protocol attraction and token performance.

Edit: Where to provide data →


We applied to TokenTerminal in December and have since pinged them several times about adding us. For whatever reason, they haven’t added us yet. If they have a forum for user requests, maybe that’s a place where the Herd can add more voices for it.


Thanks Samsara! Make sure the new Automated Vault revenue goes into the sum too if that’s updated.

I think their Discord #suggestion channel is for that and their team is active there too, would be great if some fellow Alpies can help spread the alpha! → Token Terminal

Meanwhile would be great to see Alpaca’s team to share more about the fundamentals of Alpaca. Thanks team for devoting to Alpaca! :slight_smile: