Rework tokenomics

Having in mind the following points:

  1. The state of LYF that has changed due to the recent update.
  2. The recent price action of Alpaca Finance
  3. The change in opinion of members of the community and the leave from the community from many of its members due to price action.

I propose a reconsideration from the team of a proposal to rework the tokenomics of the project as it was proposed a while ago.

I understand that many members of the community still oppose this decision and we have discussed this already but I plea you to reconsider this option thoughtfully and listen to a new team proposal.


Aren’t we preparing to launch on Stacks? If so, I think that we should focus all hands on that launch, even ours (community) in order to make the best of it.

I would like ot see an update on the project and how can we help.

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The Alpaca token was 780 on the Binance exchange last month. It was next now 900! Does the team sell coins or is there something else? Why did the price and market cap have fallen so much? Will it be completely removed from the list from the stock market? As investors, we are waiting for an explanation.

Yes, this is true. Maybe we could think about the tokenomics after the Stacks launch.

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Market movement is sometimes irrational. There you have your explanation

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Tokenomics are the only thing that works right now. Focus on building products that meet client needs and solve problems and make sure people know such products exist. Price will follow


Agreed, sure thing $ALPACA price action isn’t sexy right now, but we should not focus on that. I’m comfortable hodling with the Stable Coin project coming. It is probably a super good time to accumulate at such a low price.

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