Swap liquidation Treasury’s FTM to USDC

As FTM chain‘s bad performance and strategy adjustments,I suggest to swap 380K FTM of liquidation treasury to stable coin.It can benefit on 2sides.
1.Avoid token negative fluctuations on bear market
2.Avoid low liquidation of FTM-stablecoin affection and stabilize Alpaca reserve.


I think liquidation treasury should only reserve blue chips like BTC ETH and BNB, to convert ftm to stable coin is good choice.

Thanks for the suggestion. In general, we tend to keep the liquidation treasury in those assets and convert them directly to ALPACA.

However, I tend to agree with you that given the current market condition and the state of Fantom, it’s probably better to store it as USDC and used to buyback ALPACA over time.

We will proceed with your suggestion.


thank u for your feedback ,keep building