Transaction stuck on Multichain

Hey guys, will the Alpaca team provide help to everyone who has alpaca tokens stuck on Multichain? I still have a cross-chain transaction pending from Fantom to BNB… (I think my alpacas are definitely lost). Thanks

Multichain isn’t working anymore so your only option at the moment is to convert alpaca to another token at a loss and transfer that token on BSC.

Thanks but the problem is that the transaction has already been sent on multichain and I cannot cancel it…

Can you see the transaction on chain or is it stuck on your wallet only?

Because in the second case you can reset your wallet to cancel it.

The status of the transaction on FTMscan is Success…

Then my guess is that you sent the transaction correctly to multichain smart contract on fantom but there is no bridge operating and unlocking the alpaca on the BNB chain side.

At this point I don’t think you can do anything to get them back unfortunately.