[AIP-22] Paid Marketing Budget for Alperp and AF2.0


In order to grow the user base ofAF2.0 and Alperp, we have been working with influencers and communities to help promote our products. The rewards programs, in and of themselves, are the biggest marketing efforts, but below includes some of the additional marketing we did:

  1. BNB Chain
  2. Open Ocean
  3. Space ID
  4. Moonaco Podcast
  5. Hacken

While these channels have helped promote us for free given the past relationships and the reputation of Alpaca Finance, many high-quality marketing channels are exclusively paid channels. With that in mind, we seek to expand our marketing efforts to take advantage of these paid channels.


We are proposing a budget of 175,000 ALPACA (~$35K USD) to help with marketing of the two new products. We propose that the budget is funded from the unused Feb’s emissions. The amount proposed is ~50% of the Feb’s emissions.

The budget will be used for paid marketing channels which include:

  • Group/KOL AMAs
  • Trading Groups
  • Paid tweets from KOLs

We will only use the budget as required and on channels we believe provide the best return on the $ spent. Feel free to give your thoughts and opinions below.

This AIP will be a single choice voting.

  • A YES vote would create the marketing budget from Feb emissions.
  • A NO vote would not create a budget.

We think the amount is sufficient for now, and since it is a relatively small amount, we also think voting about decreasing it isn’t worthwhile either.


Can you specify in the AIP that warchest is the backup option in case AIP-21 results in the one time payment?

Also, there should be a slight delay between AIP-21 ans AIP-22 in case opion 2 wins on AIP21.2 in order to see howmmuch will be used for repayment and re-evaluate.
I think we should also try to itemize the marketing spendings a bit better. How much for AMAs, how much for paid tweets, etc. Also, I think a certain amount should be assigned to Miscelaneous activities and we should let the community come up with suggestions on how these may be used.I am not talking about AIP formal voting, but rather threads here in which anyone can make a suggestion and then try to reason in favor of it. The ultimate decision will be up to the team ofc.

It would be good to see examples of the content that will be created and the type of influencers/reach we think we can reach with $35k to better judge whether it’s worth it.

Give all of them to CZ, let him post an Alpie, that’s enough!

I’m 100% on board with reserving a budget to market the two new products.
However, I would prefer we wait for the new V3 vaults with any marketing efforts.

This AIP is now live for voting

You have until 11.59PM UTC Monday 5th June to vote