Burning locked alpacas

As we know the price is influenced by the buybacks, not the burning itself. I propose dont burn alpacas after buyback, but lock them in governance and burn all earned alpacas every week. We will be able to earn alpacas bought from the market. You can consider this mechanism after full emission. Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion. However, this would mean lower APR% for Gov vault stakers, so I would like to also hear what others in the community think.

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HC - could you please expand on why this would mean lower APR

Price of alpaca will rise. We will burn less and less alpacas. But we can always burn % of locked alpacas. Thanks

This is my understanding of Burnpaca’s idea.

Instead of burning the ALPACA from buyback, you stake them in Governance Vault instead.

This means there will be more locked ALPACA in the Gov Vault, all else being equal, this would mean lower APR%. (More ALPACA locked for the same amount of rewards.)

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I don’t see the advantage of doing this. My vote is no.

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Agreed, I don’t think that reducing revenues from governance is a great idea, especially now that emissions will stop entirely.
Also I think we would get a very similar result in a simpler way by redirecting part of the gov rewards to burning.

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I’m burning too.

Burning and patience is our way.