Create uses for the Alpaca token

  1. Summary : Add more uses for the Alpaca or xAlpaca token, maybe something like Bancor is doing
  2. Abstract : Create multiple pools that trade against Alpaca so that we can add liquidity for all of them at the same time with less coins.
  3. Overview : If we create a centralized pool that all farms have to trade against Alpaca or xAlpaca we can implement something similar to Bancor, and possibly still earn even higher yields with leverage. The difference here with Bancor is that BNT acts as a insurance and is generated on the fly, and with Alpacas it will keep being the reward centered in lending and borrowing so that holders of Alpaca or xAlpaca may earn higher returns in putting them in a pool.
  4. Motivation : Increase the value of the token by providing some utility for it.

I can’t wait voting for you


Interesting, and what about using $ALPACA to mint the currencies of the upcoming game?

So, since we are all thinking about this forever, as we should, and reading your post, I was wondering (no idea about Dev effort to do it, so don’t smash me! :grin:) if we could have such premier products, like the Automated Vaults, exclusive for xAlpaca holders, in a manner that one must hold X% of the TVL he wants to invest in the Vaults, in xAlpaca.

Imagine that all those USD 55MM already invested in the Vaults must have locked at least 10% of that value in xAlpaca equivalent at the time of investing. We do know that to have USD 5.5MM equivalent in xAlpaca we must either have all that amount and lock for an year or we must have much more with a shorter lock.

With such a feature/lever we could have the market, that still haven’t found about this great product (Automated Vaults), come and do both, bring more TVL into the vaults but also bring a steady flow of demand for ALPACA tokens. Above all, we align the benefits of the Vaults with the commitment of ALPACA hodlers!

It may be the case that with more TVL on the vaults we may need to lower the % need in xAlpaca in order to accommodate the demand. Thx for reading!

What does everyone think about this?


I proposed something similar to the team but with alpies but I’m still waiting for a response.
I also like this idea tho!

The team will examine the feasibility of limiting access, such as to Alpies or xALPACA holders, thanks

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Excellent idea. That would be great for the project, I think.