How to Develop a Community Proposal

As part of Alpaca Finance’s governance process, the community will be able to submit a Community Proposal to the forum, which other community members will be able to comment & discuss on.

To ensure that other community members will be able to provide constructive feedback on the proposal, the proposal should at least include all of the following components in the following order:

  1. Summary: A one-liner that gets to the point and summarizes your proposal

  2. Abstract: A paragraph summarizing what your proposal is about.

  3. Overview: Paragraph(s) that explains your proposal in specific details. You should try to be as informative and specific as possible in this section. The more detailed, the better, as other community members will be able to provide constructive feedback on your specific points.

  4. Motivation: Explanation of the motivation behind your proposal. Essentially, this component should explain why this proposal would be beneficial to Alpaca Finance and its community members/users

  5. References: Any reference points that would substantiate your point/argument within the proposal

When creating a proposal, please also make sure to put the proposal under the correct sub-category. The full list of sub-categories are as follow:

  1. Partnerships: Proposal on new grazing range partnerships and/or new partnership ideas

  2. Farming & Lending Pools : Proposal on listing of new farming pools or lending pools

  3. Product & Feature : Proposal on launching new products and/or features.

  4. Prioritization: Proposal on re-prioritization of development effort

  5. Warchest Fund Utilization : Proposal on utilization of Warchest Fund for strategic initiatives

  6. Protocol Parameters: Proposal on adjustments to protocol parameters

  7. Others : Proposal on topics not included in the sub-categories above