Process for Governance Proposal for Alpaca Finance

This forum is established as a space for Alpaca Finance community members to discuss and propose potential improvements that can be made to help ensure Alpaca Finance remains at the forefront of Leveraged Yield Farming Protocols.

Below is the process on how a governance proposal is put up for voting:

Phase 1: Community Proposal & Discussion
During Phase 1, community members will be able to put up a community proposal in our forum under the category called “Community Proposal & Discussion”. When creating a community proposal, be sure to use put the proposal in the correct sub-category. The list of the sub-categories are as follow:

  1. Partnerships: Proposal on new grazing range partnerships and/or new partnership ideas

  2. Farming & Lending Pools: Proposal on listing of new farming pools or lending pools

  3. Product & Feature: Proposal on launching new products and/or features.

  4. Prioritization: Proposal on re-prioritization of development effort

  5. Warchest Fund Utilization: Proposal on utilization of Warchest Fund for strategic initiatives

  6. Protocol Parameters: Proposal on adjustments to protocol parameters

  7. Others: Proposal on topics not included in the sub-categories above

Once a community proposal has been submitted, other members will be able to react and discuss the topic in the proposal. Proposals that receive the most traction from the community members will proceed to Phase 2.

For a guide on how to create a Community Proposal, please visit this link.

Phase 2: Request for Feedback (RFF) / Draft Alpaca Improvement Proposal (AIP)
The team will then create a thread under the category called “Alpaca Improvement Proposal (AIP)” to consolidate the discussion on the specific topic. Community members will be able to participate in this phase by discussing the topic and provide feedback to help refine the proposal.

The refinement process from a draft proposal to the final version of the AIP will last 3 days to provide ample time for the community members to react. An AIP will need to receive at least 5% of upvotes (Quorum) from the total number of Forum members to be put up on Snapshot for voting.

Phase 3: Community Voting Through Snapshot
Once an AIP has been finalized, it will go through the community voting process on Snapshot. The voting period will also last for 3 days to ensure community members have enough time to participate in the process. Once the voting period concludes, the development team will take action according to the consensus of the community.