New function: allowing people to lend and borrow crypto just like AAVE

Hi all

is it possible we intraduce new function, allowing people to lend and borrow crypto just like AAVE

this will make more fund come to our alpacafinance and higher TVL, as a result more buyback.

Recently, XVS is losing huge amount of it’s TVL, so I think it is a good timing for alpacafinance if we do this.


in the mean time, XVS is failing quickly. so if alpacafinance does this business, it highly likely will replace XVS — maybe binance would invest alpacafinance as well if this happens.

BSC chain still needs a “lending/borrowing” platform just like AAVE to ETH. so it is a good oppertunity to alpaca to replace XVS

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Alpaca leveraged farm is like a Structured Fund while AAVE is like a bank.

It’s an entirely different product.

Not saying it’s not feasible, don’t think it’s a good idea to combine.

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it is a new revenue.

alpaca can develop game, AUSD, because they are new revenue and can bring more buyback

the same to this proposal, it can bring more revenue.

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I think all contracts are upgradable related to interest bearing tokens so in theory it is possible. But I guess this will take a considerable amount of time to implement.

We’re looking into this feature for LYFv2 but it will take a V2 which is an entire restructuring.


so , whether or not this function would be implemented in V2?

The likelihood is very high


thanks a lot for you reply