Proposal to donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross

Summary :Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross and its work to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine!

Abstract: I propose an emergency donation of the remaining funds that were originally planned to help alpacas to the Ukrainian Red Cross to help Ukrainian citizens traumatized by the war.

Overview:As the war in Ukraine intensified, the Ukrainian people suffered heavy casualties. I know alpacas need help too, but human life is more precious and the situation is more urgent now. Because I haven’t thought of other sources of funds for the time being (if you have more suitable sources of funds, you can reply below), so I hope that these funds can be used to save people first, and the income after the war can continue to be used to protect the alpaca.

Motivation:It was a war of aggression, Ukraine was attacked unprovoked and saw some pictures of civilians injured. I personally think that the right side should be supported, but it may not be part of the international politics involved in the Alpaca platform, so it should be a more neutral option to donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians.
On the other hand, I am a Chinese and I have seen some bad comments from Chinese, and I would like to say that they do not represent us.

I hope this can be the first voting proposal for Alpaca. The emergency of the war also requires a quick vote on the proposal. I look forward to everyone’s reply, thank you. (sorry for google translate)

Justice will win, Ukraine will win.


And why then not help the victim of other wars that are constantly going on in Africa and other countries? I’m against it, it’s not fair to help one but not help others.


I do not think it is a good idea to get political. Best to stay neutral


So your logic is if you can’t help everyone then don’t help anyone?

The reasons why I think this time is particularly worthy of help are:

  1. This is a war of aggression against a normal democratic country, not a dictatorship or a civil war between warlords.
  2. I personally think that if this war goes to an extreme, it will be a world war and will affect To everyone,
    3, this is the period when the alpacas start to govern and would be a good start.

I said at the beginning, just donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross and its work to help civilians. Helping civilians has nothing to do with politics.

And who will help the citizens of Russia? They also got into a terrible situation due to the ambitions of the insane dictator. I believe that the project should remain neutral and continue to help animals.


Ukraine is an invaded country. Ukrainian civilians are in danger of life. The Red Cross is there to save lives. It is not a so-called bad situation. Is the life of Russian civilians in danger now? No. So this is just a very simple logic, we’re just here to help save lives, not their financial situation.why don’t you understand it?

While this is coming from a good place, I disagree that donations should be done at the protocol level (apart from donations to alpaca sanctuaries as outlined in the documentation). They should be done at the individual level.


We’re exploring donating some of the charity funds to child refugees from the war. Does anyone still have an issue if the donations go to children?


No problem for me. The charity funds were out of scope by governance anyway, right?

  1. The original published destination of the funds was to alpaca/wildlife/nature charities.

  2. There is no DAO here. Decentralized governance does not a DAO make.

That’s true, fixed it :wink:

Helping children is totally fine. They are suffering during the war and definitely innocent.

I do not think it is a good idea to get political. Best to stay neutral.

BTW, if you insist political, you should learn about the history of Cuban Missile Crisis, the history of Resist US aggression and aid Korea. If Ukraine does not insist on joining NATO, the war could not have happenned at all. I do agree the opinion of helping victims in the war. But I really dont like your last sentence. So what is justice? The United States manipulates politics, stirring up war everywhere. Is this what you call “justice” ? I sympathize with the people of Ukraine, but I despise the Ukrainian government. Don’t be childish.

No offense.


Totally support. Alpacas love freedom and peace. But freedom is never free, and peace demands efforts.


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Typical Chinese point of view, I know you can understand Chinese so I will reply you directly in Chinese.
3,俄罗斯入侵乌克兰很明显铁的事实,没什么可说的,你看不清是因为站在中俄准盟友关系的角度上了。对比下日本侵华历史换下角色很容易理解,俄罗斯14年开始不断蚕食乌克兰的克里米亚, 顿涅茨克,卢甘斯克,跟当年日本建立伪满,华北自治一个套路的,至于什么北约东扩都是借口而已,主权国家想加入什么组织需要别国来决定?918日本还借口的军官被杀。


Still don’t understand why helping civilians is not neutral. If possible, I hope you can list both options for everyone to choose.
I know some people question neutrality, but maybe it’s like the ITAM vote, there are a lot of people who are against it in the forum, but the overwhelming majority of people vote in favor.

我还是坚持我的观点,人民和政府不可以混为一谈。你口中的反战和维护正义,也并不能靠给市民捐款来实现。我赞同Sam, 给儿童捐款更合理一些。



With all due respect, we are investors, not political activists. I’d rather use my own money than involve protocol in this. Why? Helping alpacas is a neutral cause that appeals to everyone. Helping Ukrainian and Rússia civilians, regardless of the political motivation on either side, is also. But throwing Alpaca Finance on one side, making donations only to Ukraine’s civilians, could damage the protocol’s institutional relationship with Russia and China, disrupting some activity in those countries if cryptos are regulated in the future. Remember that Russia has plans to regulate cryptos if they are cut from Swift. For protocol and for me, it is better to remain neutral and again, donate with your own money. Sorry for my english.


I do like the initiative, but as I also understand that would be better if the protocol stays out of controversies, what about we create a community address or way to receive donations from all of us willing to donate, and if the Senior Alpacas want to give some from the real animal’s fund, they can do it too, but that would mostly be a community initiative.

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