Suggestion to Perp Trading UI

The size of the short position is not in line with the major CEX and other venues: there should at least be an UI showing the position in BNB rather than only in USDT.

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This closing position part is even more confusing

2023-05-03 22:52:18
Decrease BNB Short, -$42,182.88, BNB Price: $321.93
-$42,182.88 is too far away from [ I bought 120.89 BNB @321.93 to close my 483 BNB short]
I have to work out that:

  • total position is 168k
  • 42k is 25%
  • my short is 483 BNB {again, I have to work this out}
  • so I bought 120BNB

This is very unconventional as to all how CEX work with their USDT contract

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also after I check the history, I think the entry price for my position is also wrong

as show in below excel, the entry price should be 348.93. This lead to a miscalc in my hedge position, pls do consider fix it

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Thank you for the comments. The current design is in line with other decentralized perp exchanges. We will discuss and incorporate them into UX/UI improvements.