The Necessity to Cross-chain(AVAX)

  1. AVAX have 4.2 billion TVL which is half TVL of BSC.It show strongly basic foundation of defi.Trade Joe could provide lyf revenue.
    2.This multi-chain expansion should provide new high-yield earning opportunities for Alpaca users, more members to the Herd, and higher revenues for $ALPACA holders.For alpaca holder, In bear market,the liquidation revenue from BSC and FTM also provide us great burned results.I think AVAX also have great potential development.
    3.AVAX have basic lyf foundation like Dex, oracle service. AVAX chain is also EVM Compatible and lower gas fee to run Complex transactions.
    4.Our biggest and most challenging competitor ALPHA is also running on AVAX,it’s time to show our power,sir!

Let’s keep building and keep growing!


This is great. However, we have not fully deployed on FTM and I don’t know how much developer time this expansion will take. Great Idea nonetheless. Also, how’s AVAX performance during high congestion. Does transaction get declined? Wouldn’t want another FTM like issue on AVAX.


I think @MB_Abu asks some important questions which needs to be answered first. Also rapid expansions to other chains dilutes the brand. IMO we should wait and focus on BNB-chain and prove automated vaults are profitable in practice.
I don’t think more chains is necessarily better. Alpaca’s products are very complex and we should carefully consider expanding to more chains, I don’t want another Fantom situation happen to users.


AVAX is a good candidate chain, but I would also add Elrond to the mix. Their chain has proven to be very resistant to high congestion while also being low fee, unlike FTM that got hammered a few weeks ago. Definitely we should look in eGLD as well as AVAX.

It might be worth waiting until our products are optimised before branching out again. For instance, refining AVs and introducing new strategies (if applicable).
Alternatively, it might be worth waiting until certain milestones/KPIs are hit before expanding as that would prove a stronger need. For instance, if AVs were at capacity and fully utilised to the point that BNB is saturated, we’d have a stronger case for moving to a new chain

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this is a good idea

AVAX has been proven be a reliable chain already, so not need worry about “congestion/transactrion declined” at all.