Vault investors should be able to vote

Vault investors are contributing to the platform expansion however as their aplaca tokens are automatically reinvested they are not able to vote (as they don’t have any aplaca liquidity).

So someone hugely invested in a vault has no decision power at all. Wouldnt it be fair to give them a possibility to vote as well?

If you want to vote, you need the governance token (xalpaca)
Holding xaplaca implies more risk and comittment than holding alpaca

If someone without the governance token ,even the alpaca holders, can vote just because they are using the platform, there is no reason to have one in the first place.



AVs liquidity can be removed anytime while xAlpaca requires you to lock your liquidity, that makes a huge difference of commitment.
Also, without a lock period the system would be easily gamed by whales that could enter massive AV positions to vote and then remove the funds afterwards.