Why we should not build an early withdraw from Governance

1. Summary : My propose is either not to build this early withdraw feature or to let users assign some kind of smart contract which will take off this feature of early withdraw for ever

I wouldn’t recommend to build an option for early withdraw. I can explain

There are a lot of new customers on Alpaca who had locked their tokens on Governance, as I did. As a newbie on crypto I’m afraid that my wallet got scammed and a scammer is just waiting for this feature to take all tokens with penalty

I’m not sure if I got scammed or not, but if we don’t add such feature all newbies will have an opportunity to not withdraw their tokens and continue receive all the rewards as long investor

Please if devs are considering this feature as important, make some option where I can assign smart-contact which will not allow me to early withdraw my tokens

I mean such a smart contract that will disconnect this feature for me for ever

I know that people as me can try to withdraw their tokens earlier than scammer, but as a long investor I locked them for year which will make me lose more than 40% of my Alpacas. Actually I would like to lock my tokens for ever, but the is not such an option

Please consider that mb I’m not alone and it can be more people with the same problem

Maybe it is a problem of how you handle your secret wallet information more than of how an application should operate considering it’s noob users might have got robbed of their secret info.


I agree but still think there is possibility for other feature that would let me to refuse early withdraw for ever

But we all know that when scammer can control your wallet or you give them your permission, you have already lost your priority. It not the early withdrawing’s fault. Well, in another word, you can’t let all Dapp ban your walletadress when you are rugged, right?

There is already a topic on this here: [For Discussion] Handling of Governance Vault's Early Withdrawal Penalty

I understand your point of view, but I would say the opposite is way worse: people having locked for long and then life changes next day! We should have the option to withdraw no matter what.

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