Add a multi-stablecoin farm

  1. Summary : Add a multi stablecoin farm
  2. Abstract : The idea is to create a farm that leverages other stablecoins to create and rebalance automatically between multiple pools so that we stabler rewards since we will be in multiple pools, it avoids having to min-max which pool to choose.
  3. Overview : The idea is to have a farm like Balancer has that can have more than one stablecoin as base. Maybe partner with Ellipsis or them so that we can use such pool or create one that is directly under Alpaca.
  4. Motivation : It is a shame having to choose which stablecoin to borrow for a pool for the next week having to invert such positions, or the pool itself not being profitable anymore. Having the liquidity spread in multiple pools or in a pool with more pairs tends to earn higher yields since the need to keep it balanced is higher.
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