Add Lending Pool for other USD stablecoins

  1. Summary : Add lending pool for UST, DAI, VAI, AUSD and other smaller USD stablecoins
  2. Abstract : The idea is to add more lending pools for other USD stablecoins so that we can earn higher returns in smaller pools
  3. Overview : Adding other USD stablecoins will make possible for farmers to farm in VAI-BUSD, DAI-BUSD, UST-BUSD, AUSD-BUSD and any other future pools that have such stablecoins like doing a partnership with Ellipsis or other pools. It will probably be a lot cheaper in the beginning of the pool to borrow such stablecoins and smaller pools will usually render a higher profit margin.
  4. Motivation : I’ve noticed that most of these stablecoins may die in the long run however it has quite a good return for doing such operations. And currently we lack returns for stablecoin pairs since Bancor is having a pretty high return for USD pairs and it may have affected our pool sizes since it is better to park USD coins there than lend them here.
    At least we can get smaller stablecoins to be profitable for people that want to lend them aswell as people that do not mind risk to get a higher return.
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