Launch of IBCAKE and BTC, ETH, CAKE, BNB coin standard av

The cake’s call return can be met with a return of less than 10% or even 5%-8% so can IBcake start. This can be done with the cake currency-based AV. Secondly, the AV of stable coins is already saturated, and of course there may be BSW on it. But on pancakeswap, I think the pool of BTC ETH BNB natively, is also very attractive. I suggest opening a small-scale pool to test the enthusiasm of users.


I agree, CAKE-BNB 1x farm apr is 38.25% now, and the liquidity is 241M.
The CAKE-BNB AV have large capacity, and high APR will attract a lot of BNB lover to invest


Thanks for the ideas.

These are the topics we have been exploring internally. There should be announcements coming regarding these soon, so please stay tuned for those.