Hopefully, we will be able to get the binance launchpad project online quickly in the future

binance will soon be online GAL in general GAL will be immediately online pool of cake, also will be online farm pool, I think can be quickly online leverage when lp depth allows. For example, similar to GMT, the previous online did not keep up, we should keep up with the market situation.

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maybe in the future our aplies games will list on binance launchpad . Hah

I don’t think it’s better for us to quickly launch the Binance Mini Program.
High-yielding BUSD and BNB APY for millions of Binance users
Can take Alpaca to new level Imagine ‘Lend’ and ‘AV’

We already brought this up with Binance but besides for integrating Pancake for whatever reason, they are prioritizing the projects they’ve invested in for stuff like this.