[For Discussion] Add BSW and Cake coins to lending page

Adding the BSW and Cake coins to the lending page would allow the use of the savings vault with an insane amount of return

I do know that BSW APY is pretty insane in the biswap dex right now, so I would suggest adding it with a pretty high APY temporarily and keep ajusting it down over time.

Currently staking BSW is around 40-50% APY, so a curve that pays around 10%-20% more than that would be optimal. Checking the apr curve every month I think?

Cake I don’t know a good APR since their locked vs unlocked difference is huge… We could try different values, like start with a high APR and if it grows too costly and not be cost effective for strategies, lower it… Maybe starting around 20%…

CAKE is coming. BSW is not because their single-asset APY is too high relative to the LPs, which would make LYF not very profitable, and their team didn’t want to seed a lending pool