Limitless lock period on governance

My alpaca is locked in management for 52 weeks.

I regularly encounter a situation where it is required to increase the lock period every week. Now it’s hard for me to imagine that someday I will decide to stop doing this

Even if the Alpaca will be $ 10 tomorrow, I will be able to sell it only in a year, and only if I stop locking it. And it is likely that in a year, it will cost less and I will lose % of the APY

My suggestion is to allow users to block their alpacas for an eternal period and give them a higher APY rating.

This way we will be able to forget about the weekly blockage, stop paying excess for gas and get more% in rewards


Your proposal is to extend the max lock period, correct?

Sorry for my english)

Yes, it is

While I don’t think locking $Alpaca eternally is feasible, there might be 2 other ways worthwhile discussing.

  1. A vault that perpetually locks Alpaca before every epoch for the max period
  2. Allowing for a longer locking period

I think both options would be nice improvements to the current mechanism. Would there be any negatives to either option?


Actually I think cheeseburglar’s first option is a good one for those who wants biggest awards in every week. And I am tired of extending locking time weekly. An automatic system helps people who wants to keep longgest locking time is a good way for both team and investors.
As we will have an early withdrawal plan, so during emergency people still can unlock their Alpaca (With punishment ofcourse).
We know the team is busy now. But I hope it will come true with the early withdrawal plan.


Agreed. We should have a perpetual lock vault!

That would also reduce gas fees, specially for small positions.
If there are no technical issues with that I see no reasons to not do it.


Allowing for a longer locking period. I would love that . Like if you lock for 2 years you get 1.5 xalpaca for 1 alpaca .

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I’m not in favor of extending the max lock period, it just reduces the rewards for the users who are currently locking their tokens and aren’t willing to extend it to the new maximum. Creating some new kind of pool that automatically increases the duration to the maximum would be a better option (although skipping a single week result in only a negligible loss in apy: one week at 28.5% vs 27.9%)

The principal of a lockup vault is to reward those who invest under lockup restrictions, because they’re putting skin in the game. So imo, expanding the lockup period is in spirit with the core concept. Whether the lockup period should be longer or shorter is absolutely something Governance has the right to decide.

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We evaluated the concept of an automated vault like this, that adds earned ALPACA and extends the lock time. However, from an internal perspective, there’s no easy way to do it because Curve’s governance code for xALPACA, which we forked, was unfortunately not built for this.

There are too many ideas here and it was difficult to understand. Please break up your text into paragraphs and segregate the ideas next time to make it easily understandable.

In summary look at how spookyswap utilize their xboo… Cumulative payout directly into xalpaca…With that plus how we receive grazing range automatically without staking on a project but xalpaca to be deflationary(5%)…Half of grazing range to go back to grazing range and half of buyback and burn to reward xalpaca directly…

xALPACA is not transferrable. We can’t move it around between wallets

I know it isnt transferable,as i said it’ll remain exactly like xBoo when you stake, and if possible grazing range rewards run exactly as they currently do (harvesting) plus also if possible to have tax (5%) when unstaking xAlpac…Otherwise currently each revenue that’s used in burns will majorly be milked by traders until you buy almost 90% of total supply for the actual real holders who will be waiting for maybe a decade, Currently we’re doing well with delivering and transparency but we’re not encouraging holding and maybe in future living on the revenue without selling.By burning xAlpaxa I meant distributing more Alpaca into xalpaca making it forever above 1 alpaca. For instancr the normal burnt % will automatically burn the xalpaca that would have been received joining governance Thus rewarding holders with more voting power plus the rewards from epoch that ensure 1xalpaca is always growing >1 alpaca no matter if you unstake it it wont drop where it has reached because each xalpaca reflects what its worth in the governance pool the pool will always grow Alpaca will always burn and incoming holders will have to swap more Alpaca as per its worth. Currently i dont think our xAlpaca is a token but it should be . and if possible exactly where our current Xalpaca shows we should see the worth of 1xalpaca to alpaca .
The governance pool will always be there to reward its forever growing worth .xAlpaca as a token (for governance ) plus you can stake it in governance grazing range which works as perfectly as the current governance in rewarding with multiple tokens without staking in any of them always getting rewards from your staked xAlpaca. 5% tax might sound high but remember the APY%. Every epoch just increasing Alpaca into Xalpaca pool. It should work as a token within Alpaca only just like ibAlpaca infact thats where it should be.

Use xAlpaca where ibAlpaca is used and then stake in governance for grazing. The current claim Alpaca contributes to selling. Let them unstake Xalpaca and unstake in lending with high fees and sell what they want to or else wait until its worth that. Im happy to clarify more where you didn’t understand.

I don’t think it’s a good idea. We can give more abilities to xALPACA but not in this way.

It’s not a good way in my opinion. We can’t change it.

Why not yet its the best way…everyone gets their exact rewards as they used to. As a lending project Alpaca should reward Alpaca lenders for one and reward more for governance staking.

In my opinion i guess youre probably a whale who Receives great income every week and youre satisfied unless a bigger whale than you joins and gets more then you move to another project. Right? Thats why you prefer Alpaca direct rewards. But even if its like fhat still you can do it by unstaking it from the lending pool and sell so why not?