Proposal to Deposit Liquidation Treasury Funds into Lending Pools

I support it. Let’s get a vote going! It’s literally a no-brainer - earn some extra coin while awaiting the burn. The funds to be burned compound slightly, resulting in more burn in the long run. Let’s do it!

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I agree with the idea, it will generate some extra resources for liquidation without changing the frecuency and the amounts burned (avoiding sandwich attacks).

It will benefit the borrowers with low interest and the general TVL on the platform (until the burn is finished)

The bad thing is that it will lower the utilization, so the lenders will earn less ( or attrack less new lenders with the low inters rate).

Another thing to consider is that this utilization of the treasury should be complete trasnparent and traceabale, since they are key values of alpaca.

I think we should to vote on this.

No voting, everyone has already decided without voting. Look in wallet…

The liquidation wallet is fine and funds are still there, what are you implying?

time is show who was right bougth in 0.19 ore lend and get 50-70 usd per day. But do it with out voting… no comments.

Sorry, I though you were implying that the funds were removed from the liquidation wallet.

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This is not the first time I see that Alpaca is translated from the address Alpaca Finance: Liquidation on Alpaca Finance: Deployer. Why did the alpaca send there?

It seems the funds were deposited then withdrew from the Liquidation Treasury, perhaps a governance vote might be needed?

However, I do recall the decision to convert FTM to USDC was done without a governance vote, though that may have been more of a time sensitive decision given the market condition.

Edit: referring to this proposal

The Alpaca burn funds from all sources are sent to the Deployer before being burned. If you check the burn address, you will see that they are always sent from the Deployer address, rather than from the Liquidation Treasury directly.

Thanks for all the inputs and discussions.

This proposal is not moved to AIP-9. Please provide any additional comment in that thread

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This is a mad thread. So many off-topic posts and nonsense :rofl:.

About the actual topic: I like the idea of generating apr on idle usd, but I would instead suggest a smaller % be put in. Putting 100% of funds into any risk-bearing asset seems like a bad play to me, even if the risk is small.