Rewards Claiming Fees for locking Alpaca Tokens

Could someone please explain to me why the fees are so high to claim your rewards from your locked Alpaca? Only one other place has fees close to that for claiming rewards and that is Ellipsis Finance. It shouldn’t cost near that for a simple claim transaction even if claiming all which is usually worth more then what you are claiming… This is why I have no done much with Alpaca as much as I like what you guys are doing. To claim on PCS or BSCSwap or even ApeSwap its no more then any other transaction even when claiming multiple tokens. So why is the fee so much higher with Alpaca? It doesn’t make any sense to me cause it doesn’t even matter the network traffic, it’s always so much higher… Never less then $1,00 for just Alpaca and up to 18$ to claim all. I just quit bothering trying till today, I tried to claim my Alpaca rewards and again the fee was way too high for what the tx entailed.

You are confusing the estimated gas cost with the actual gas cost.

Estimated gas cost is the maximum amount of gas that can be used for a transaction times Gwei per gas. It will always show an absurdly high amount. You can edit this amount in metamask if you’re not comfortable with the default.

For example, claiming ALPACA from the governance vault uses about 12% of max gas and should cost between 20 and 30 cents.

I have and the transaction fails every time even if its just slightly lower even in low traffic times, The transaction to lock more Alpaca is by default much less but claiming is much higher even though the lock process is technically a larger more complex tx… I appreciate the response but I am not mistaking the difference. Ellipsis Finance has the same issue and they couldn’t give me a reasonable answer other then the team doesn’t get any of it, its just how the contract is written, which I believe is a load of you know what. It costs over 20$ in BNB to claim all there. Its why I pulled all my assets and just left the rewards.

They either get a part of that or they are also validators and get paid that way, either way its deceptive cause its not mentioned up front and locking costs next to nothing also. I am not comparing the two but would really like an answer to this question because this is an issue for me. For me to put trust into a project and invest any real amount of money I need to know they aren’t greedy and deceptive. Greed kills more projects then almost anything in my opinion. This is crypto, there is plenty of assets to go around so greed is really an unnecessary thing but unfortunately it is human nature and too many succumb to it.

Especially in crypto we need a little more information because there is almost no accountability for the greedy devs and teams that just milk a project till it is not sustainable and then abandon ship. This is in no way the case here but this is more common then it should be and I am against government regulation in crypto all together.

Sorry got a bit off topic, but also it’s the site that suggests the default gas price and this claim uses a strange default of 3GWEI gas price and 1000000 max fee which should be 5 on BSC or at least its what is used else where. I have wasted quite a bit messing with the settings and changing it to 5 and 500000 which is still high $0.83 fails. It says using less then 1000000 may cause it to fail and it does every time. Claim all is over 4$ at 3 and 4000000.

If I go claim my rewards on PCS its anywhere from $0.07 - $0.33 depending on traffic at the time. Same with almost all besides a few projects like the one I mentioned above. I really appreciate your time and look forward to hearing an answer to this or a way to fix it.

Don’t use the claim all button, it activates a multi claim on all grazing range reward tokens.
Most of them have lost a lot of value in the meantime and it could be a waste of gas.
You can try to claim manually only the alpaca rewards and you’ll see it costs way less.