With "Repurchasing" and lower gas, is it time to expand to ETH?

recently a new " Automated Vaults Improvement Plan" has been implemented as below URL

“Asset Repurchasing” will Lower swap fees, so is it a good time to expland to ETH now?

The article is talking about reducing swap fees that automated vaults incur into.
It’s not talking about reducing gas fees in general, these depends on the network and we can’t do a lot to change them.

OK, now my question is:

with “reducing swap fees that automated vaults incur into” ---- is it a good time to expand to ETH?

any update on this question?

“This value represents a 60%+ reduction in swap fees!”

In the past, Automated Vault could not work well on ETH due to sky high swap fees on ETH, but now with re-purchase " it represents 60% plus reduction in swap fees", then I think Automated Vault can work well on ETH, is it a good timing to expand Alpaca finance to ETH?

not sure if alpaca finance has the plan to expand to ETH, maybe alpaca finance is only a BNB and FTM project and never expand to other chains?

still no answers to this question?


Yes and no.
Theoretically it would make AVs profitable even on a high gas environment, in practice we didn’t expand on ETHEREUM yet so we would first need to build all our echosystem with lending and LYF there.
Expanding on other chains for alpaca has very strict requirements and gas fees could still be an issue for opening LYF positions, that could make them potentially unattractive to non whales.

Hey Sydney.

Sorry for the late reply. To add to what Bibendus has said. The more important point is whether there is an attractive enough yield for LYF or AVs to be profitable on Ethereum.

It also seems that leveraged yield farming has moved away from Ethereum where the yields are higher and lower tx fees. Existing leveraged yield farming protocol on Ethereum has low TVL at the moment.