Add biswap farms

biswap is pretty stable and binance listed… we should integrate biswap into platform


i think so, let us integrate it :smile: :rofl:

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let integrate because sharing people to join platform of alpaca.

I’ve been seen increasing use of Biswap dex because they are adding multiple unique pools like ADA, LUNA, DOGE, SOL, DOT, ATOM, MATIC and others and such coins are in really high demand and are quite big aswell
They have some really good pools and enable us to add more lending for different good sized coins like the above
So it is a really good idea in my opinion to add such dex


Another dex, maybe we can talk to them. More farming pools could help the herd.

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agree with it we should do it

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Thanks for the suggestion.

We have been monitoring the yields on BiSwap and will take this into consideration when we do our prioritization discussion interanally.