Emoji handle for Spreading Alpaca Automated Vault

Simple Summary:
Add :llama::small_red_triangle::zero: emoji to Twitter handle to spread Alpaca Delta-Zero Automated Vault

The initial launch of Automated Vault (AV) have been successful and attracted plenty of interest from the yield farming community. AV could be the next killer product for Alpaca’s value accrual. As more vaults open up in the coming weeks, I expect there will be surplus vault allocation to be filled up. This campaign could lead to more eyeballs to Alpaca thus more TVL in AV.

Just add emoji in the Twitter handle
Proposed emoji: (:llama::small_red_triangle::zero:) - Stands for Alpaca - Delta - Zero

Feel free to drop in suggestion for ways to increase awareness for AV, or maybe better emoji representations for AV.


It’s a good idea. Done. Thanks.


good idea!lets do it!buddy

I thought I was going to avax hhhh, that’s what it meant。hh

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