[For Discussion] Opinions on rebranding of Automated Vaults with "AI" terminology

Summary: Since our improved Automates Vaults legitimately use AI (machine learning) now, we’ve been discussing internally whether or not to rebrand the name AVs with another name that incorporates AI, in order to take advantage of the big AI narrative this year, which we believe will grow.

Overview : I am not asking for, nor are we discussing, specific names. I’d like to get your opinions here on the AI branding direction. A couple of people have mentioned they feel AI branding in crypto or trading has historically been scammy. So the purpose of this discussion is to get more opinions to understand if such a rebranding would be net positive or negative.

Motivation : AI is an explosive narrative this year which we believe will grow year-over-year rather than fizzle out. As such, rebranding the AVs as an AI-managed product may get new eyeballs and users.


There are also important questions to consider?
Q1: Is this new product or do we convert all AVs to this new brand?
My opinion is that we should just launch new sub-products and keep AVs as is.
Examples of subtopics to be discussed separately if this is voted on.

Q2: How much AI branding we want to attach?

  1. A lot of AI
    The name of product is: AI Vaults
    This is direct marketing of vaults as AI product.


  • will be noticed more


there is opinion that most AI screaming products in crypto space are scams and maybe divert some users with negative experience in fake-AI in crypto.

  1. Branding on the back.
    Name gets suffix: Automated Vaults (powered by Alpaca AI)


  • both Oracle Guard and Repurchasing can be considered Alpaca AI
  • can make cute logo Alpaca AI and put it on graphs


  • might be less visible
  1. Even more AI: 1&2 combined

  2. Tiny bit of AI: Just mention in articles, medium, tweets that there are AI component

  3. No AI

Maybe make a poll…

I like the narrative

AAI Vaults sound nice. Simple is better.


Is this content made by AI :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets do it !, I think this is a good idea and since the AVs use ML its a fit

I like the idea but I think we should avoid falling into the trap of just slapping AI in the new branding and call it a day. It might make it seem like we’re trying too hard.

With that being said, I think something like “AI-assisted/ML-assisted Automated Vaults” would add the extra punch we’re looking for without sounding like we’re jumping on the “add AI to everything” bandwagon.

We could also keep the same name and simply blog/tweet about the ML aspect of the vaults.

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Is there an “add AI to everything” bandwagon? Which projects in defi are doing that?

I wasn’t talking crypto specifically, I’m just saying there’s a lot of hype (deservedly) surrounding AI these days. Sometimes hype works, sometimes it’s detrimental. Just look at what the “CryptoBowl” did for sentiment towards crypto by the masses.

I like the idea, i’m just saying thread carefully and don’t oversell it.

I like the idea of putting AI in the name somehow.

Alpaca team should be proud of what they have made and easily identify it to people who are just coming into the herd. Or looking at those sexy beasts.

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No AI in the name, but more posts mentioning that we are leveraging AI.

We are not alpaca.ai, that says even if it uses AI, it’s only a feature added to a particular product, i.e. automated vaults. Therefore, even if we have a name “Automated Vaults (Powered by AI)”, we still need to write posts talking about AI. For naming convention, I’d always go for simpler/shorter names.

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I like the “powered by Alpaca AI” idea. We have lots of space in website so there is a simple way to add it.