Hold $KOGE in wallet and enjoy discounted gas price as low as 1 gwei

  1. Hold at least 1 KOGE in your wallet
  2. Adopt https://koge-rpc-bsc.bnb48.club as your new RPC

You can then interact with Alpaca dApp at 1 gwei, it’s a 80% discount of gas fee.

Buy KOGE from pancake


Tried. Don’t recommend this. It couldn’t even load the portfolio page…20 seconds to see the claimable alpaca etc. budget

KOGE is chinese I think so their RPC might be laggy for you.

It was due to large amount of request initialed by Alpaca webpage. We’ve diagnosed with Alpaca team and it should be fixed now.

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Hmm, no it’s not the case. The service is distributed with cloudflare service.

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