Sell Grazing Tokens Not Claimed

Some grazing tokens used in the past are not claimed and forgotten by the users. Personally I have many tokens that won’t claim simply because (1) they have become very little money or (2) I have forgotten about their existence completely.

I understand that maybe in the future this tokens could appreciate in value although unlucky or that some partnerships don’t like that the protocol they did a previous partnership with is selling their tokens.

But having this in mind I propose to set some rules (i.e., protocols that have become scams or are not anymore updated) and a date to claim the rewards before they are sold by the ALPACA protocol.

I don’t know if this is actually feasible for previous protocols but believe we have done something like this with the ITAM rewards in the past. And if not possible now I propose to do this from now on.


Mass confiscation. LFG

What is the team view on this? is it a large amount? is it comparable to the ITAM situation?

ITAM tokens were not only unclaimed in a large amount but also about to become value-less due to an impending migration, which is why that governance proposal was launched and passed.

Since you are suggesting doing the same thing on a GR, it would be if you could share which GR is under similar conditions as ITAM was.